Wednesday, September 21, 2005

just beautiful (thanks Kitty)

someone out there is meant to be the love of your life, your best friend, your soulmate, the one you can tell your dreams to. he'll smile at you when you tell him, but he'll never laugh at your heart. he'll brush the hair out of your eyes and send you flowers when you least expect it. he'll call you to tell you goodnight before you get into bed or just because he is thinking about you. he'll be bursting to talk to you each morning just to hear the sound of your voice. he'll look into your eyes and tell you that you are the most beautiful girl he has ever seen and for the first time in your life ... you'll believe it

:-) this made me smile. Thanks, gurl *hug*


kay said...

i bet this was written by a woman. :p

wanderlust junkie said...

LOL...i dunno who wrote it, but my friend sent it to me. i thought it was just sweet :-)

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